DSCN2711 (2)

“Noumenon” Acrylic on canvas 12″ x 24″

“Finished artworks that we see and may love deeply are in a sense the relics or traces of a journey that has come and gone.”

– Peter Nachmanovitch, “Free Play: Improvisation In Art and Life”

I am seeing my current paintings as portals within spaces, revealing other spaces. There is the magic when one opens the two dimensional surface of canvas, paper, or such into pictorial spaces, in which the viewer can become absorbed, wander, and linger. I find paintings fascinating in which, as one becomes involved in them, there are transitions in which elements are at one point space, becoming form, and vice versa. All of it is of course just a structuring of emptiness, as indeed is life itself — maya, form emerging from and returning into the emptiness, the void, that is the ground. Phenomena arising arising, abiding, changing, and passing away.


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