Currently living in Moab, Utah, I have followed directions as an artist, graphic designer, web site developer, and software engineer. A multipotentialite (this woman describes it well) or ‘Renaissance person’, I continue to embrace diverse interests in both art and science. And life.

At present, I am a student in Data Science at Lambda School anticipating completion in the Spring of 2021. My ultimate focus is on the software engineering aspects of data science, and on machine learning and artificial intelligence. I also have an interest in robotics and am particularly fascinated with the possibilities of human/robot interaction and relationships. I have yet much to learn! But I always want to push the edges of my knowledge and abilities.

In the 1990s I worked for a number of years as a software test engineer at Microsoft. There I also worked as a ‘Software Design Engineer in Test’, implementing automated testing of software. At the modern-day fin-de-siècle, I left Seattle though for S. E. Utah, for the connection to nature and beauty that area provides. I worked and volunteered for the National Park Service, at Arches National Park — a place I still find to be one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. While opportunities in technology are limited, I was able to also find freelance work in both web design and software development.

As an artist, I have pursued varying degrees of abstraction in my art, from more pure abstraction or non-objective art to more archetypal yet still abstract imagery. A student in painting and printmaking at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Mass. in the 1980s, I have in recent years returned to visual arts. In recent years I have shown work at local venues thus far. I have worked largely in both acrylic and oil paint, multimedia, and ceramics.

I graduated originally from Brandeis University with a B.A. in Philosophy, with an (unofficial) minor in sociological theory. I have pursued additional interests in various spiritual traditions, meditation, Reiki, dance, music, and exploring the canyons around me. At present I live in a trailer in Moab with one ‘official’ cat and a couple of strays, where I love the desert but also dream of many places and things.